3 Beauty Products You Can Stash At His Place

If you’re like us, you’ve got about 10 television and movie references (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sex & the City, Seinfeld…) on easy recall that practically scream out to not to leave anything remotely personal at his place. And yet, if your bae is spending just as much time at yours as you are his and there’s no-one else on the periphery, it only makes good sense to leave a few toiletries behind to make your nights and mornings easier.

Any toothbrush will do because really, when it boils down to it you just want to have fresh breath when you’re cozying up to your SO. Just make sure you pick one with a case like Brush Naked Winter Toothbrush with Bamboo Travel Tube ($13.50, available online at well.ca) to keep it safe and sanitary for when you’re not around, especially if his housekeeping skills are somewhat lacking.

You may think you can borrow his for quick leg touch-ups, but don’t. It will give him ingrown hairs on his face. So stash your own instead. Sphynx Pink Me Up Portable Razor ($23, available online at well.ca) is not only easily identifiable with it’s pretty pop of pink colour, it also includes a refillable water spray bottle, a shave bar and two blades for your convenience.

Monat Magic Travel Set
Having travel-sized products on hand that can pull double duty is just smart sleepover tactics. Monat’s Limited Edition Bring on the Magic Travel Set ($96, available online at monatglobal.ca), complete with a Cleansing Body Oil (will remove, cleanse and hydrate your face, too), a Nourishing Body Cream (doubles as night and day face cream), a Dry Body Oil Spray (can also be used to smooth flyaway hair) and a Microfiber Mitt (face and body cloth).

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