Tried, Tested and True: Common Healthy Eating Tips to Live By

If you’ve ever tried to go on a diet or maintain a healthy eating pattern chances are you’ve tried just about every fad diet and newest weight loss product. Unfortunately though, those fad diets don’t always work and that new fat-free product, is adding more fat – not taking it away. But there are solutions and they’re absolutely free! Here are four healthy eating tips that are tried, tested, true and guaranteed to help you eat healthy.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
Ok, so this is a no brainer, but believe it or not a lot of people still don’t drink eight glasses of water a day. Instead, they resort to water substitutes like sugary vitamin beverages or energy drinks that will never give you the exact health benefits of water. A healthy diet always consists of water. It keeps you hydrated and refreshed, flushes unwanted toxins from the body and helps restore the suppleness of your skin.  And if eight glasses is too much for you, start off with five and spread them out at different meals that way you don’t feel like your drowning in water when you should be drinking it. 

Don’t eat after 8 p.m.
Our bodies are active and burning calories all day, however, in the evening that all changes. It has been proven that at night, calories and fat are not stored as fast as they would if eaten during the day.  Eat a well-balanced dinner that won’t make you feel like snacking afterwards. Try to set a cut-off time that will fit your schedule and keep to a nightly routine “ like reading a book or stretching before bed to prevent from bedtime snacking.

Eat a large breakfast.
We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day “ that’s why you need to make it count. A large, hearty yet nutritious breakfast will give you energy and keep you away from the temptations of running to the donut box as soon as you step into work. Incorporate foods like eggs for protein and fiber for digestion. If your in a hurry and don’t have time to sit down for a big meal, pack snacks like yogurt, fruit and granola to tie you over until lunch. But if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle never skip breakfast. Never.

Use the ˜fist portion’ method. 
Our palms are not only to read our futures, they can also help you control meal portions and allow you to eat in moderation. The idea behind the fist portion is not to eat more than your fist can hold. Of course this doesn’t mean to restrict yourself from a large amount of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, but if you tend to load up your plate with too much food, the fist method will keep you in control and on track towards a healthy eating pattern.

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