Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to start fresh, and it can set the stage for a refreshed outlook.

Here are some tips from EcoCleanSolutions for tackling all the cleaning tasks you dread, but shouldn’t.


Start by going through any item that still has a tag on it. If it isn’t for a future event, consign it or donate it. Next, organize all your clothes and see if there are any doubles. If you have three black and white striped dresses, chances are, you can get rid of at least one. Make piles of clothes to donate, consign and keep, and if you have storage, store them away. A good idea is to swap out bulky winter sweaters to make room for summer skirts and shorts. Invest in vacuum bags and a steamer to clean items and store them compactly. Also take note of any item that needs a little TLC or could use a trip to the tailor. Once you have whittled down your items, invest in matching slim velvet hangers and organize your clothing in a system that works for you. It’s good to keep similar items together, but perhaps you prefer to keep work clothes separate from your casual wear.


After a long, cold winter, your vehicle will need some extra care. Get the heavy duty wash and make sure your car’s paint gets a wax to prevent further damage. Empty out your car’s compartments and spend some time vacuuming and cleaning every nook and cranny. Replace your winter mats with thinner ones for summer to avoid tracking dirt. There are also plenty of car compartment organizers to help keep your car feeling like new again.


Your desk space could also use a little attention. Go through last year’s files and organize what you need to keep or throw out. Invest in a cute desk organizing system (like the colourful Poppin collection) to keep you motivated to stay neat. Buy a low-maintenance plant like succulents or african violets to add a little life to your cubicle.

Beauty drawer

One of the biggest places to attract clutter is your beauty drawer. Set aside an afternoon to dump out everything and go through it all. Powders, eyeshadows and nail polish can last a year, while eye products can last between three to six months. Lipstick should be tossed around the year mark, but if they are used often, bacteria can grow quickly. Liquid foundation and concealer shouldn’t last longer than eight months, and you should throw out anything that has a funky smell or consistency. Spend the time to swatch lipsticks and eyeliners and throw out anything you don’t use on a regular basis. Once you clear the clutter, you can treat yourself to a couple spring beauty must-haves!


New year’s resolutions are hard to stick to, but with bikini season around the corner, it’s the perfect motivation for a new fitness and diet regime. Go through your pantry and toss anything that will be a temptation against your goals. Donate non-perishable items to your food bank and on the inside of your pantry door, create a food chart to plan your meals.

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