How to Host Easter Dinner for Friends

Being away from family over the holidays can be hard. Many people move away from home for university or for a great job in the city. But just because your family may be miles away doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Make your friends your adopted family and plan a special meal of your own. Here are 5 tips to hosting the perfect Easter dinner.

1. Send Invitations in Advance

Send out your dinner invitations at least a few weeks in advance so your guests can plan around your event. Some of your friends might be worried about spending the holiday alone, and may make other plans unless you confirm the details of your dinner. Check final numbers with your guests a few days before the weekend.

2. Set a Budget

Hosting an event can be a lot of fun, and you might find yourself going overboard if you don’t set a budget at the outset. Determine how much it will cost for food, drinks and decorations. If you’re tight on cash, ask a friend to co-host the dinner with you.

3. Plan Your Menu

Since it’s your party, you can make whatever you’d like! But, there are some traditional foods served for Easter dinner – usually turkey or ham. If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of cooking for a large group, feel free to reach out to a few of your closer friends and ask them to contribute something to the meal. Asking someone to bring buns or a dessert is an easy commitment for them, but can take a lot of stress off you. Be sure to ask all guests if they have any food or diet restrictions ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.

4. Use Seasonal Decorations

Use seasonal decorations like fresh flowers to set the stage for your big dinner. You could go for a traditional Easter theme (with pastels and bunnies) or a more refined spring theme. Either way, try to add decorations to every room your guests may be in.

5. Relax and Have Fun

The day of the dinner, remember to enjoy yourself. Nobody cares if all of the details are perfect. Be a good host, hang out with your friends and keep everyone’s drink full! If you want to plan something special ahead of time, you can organize a small Easter egg hunt (hide nail polish or small beauty items) or bring out old board games.

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