Beat the Cold Weather Blues

If the approach of slushy sidewalks and frostbite gives you the chills, you’re not alone. The colder weather and darker days of winter can cause serious gloominess. And if you happen to live north of the border, even worse! To avoid the cold weather blues, here are a few tips and tricks that may make your days a little brighter.    

Keep warm
Because most of your heat is lost through your hands, feet and head, it is important to dress accordingly. Take advantage of this excuse to accessorize and stock up on fuzzy socks, wool mittens and knitted scarves in bright, cheery colours. Perhaps a pink hat with a pom-pom?

Eat a good breakfast
A nutritious morning meal is important no matter the season; however, breakfast is especially important as the weather gets cold and those familiar carb-cravings kick in. To avoid a carbohydrate overload, make to sure to eat a breakfast of protein rich foods such as eggs, lean meat or tofu.

Keep some plants
If your life is lacking in greenery, try placing some potted plants around your house and workspace. Not only do indoor plants make great decorations but they may even trick your brain into think its spring. Not one for watering? You can always try a fake plant “ we wont tell!   

Go on vacation
Running low on sunshine? Take a trip to somewhere warm and sunny! Even just one weekend in the tropical climate of Cuba, Aruba or Mexico will have you feeling more upbeat in no time. Not to mention the fact that you get to come home with a glowing tan.  

Get natural light
With the days getting shorter and shorter, winter can feel pretty gloomy. Make the most of what little natural light you get during the day. Whether that means taking a stroll on your lunch break or simply opening up the blinds in your office, increasing your natural light exposure can really help boost your mood.

Light a few candles
Waking up to darkness can seriously confuse your body and mind, making it even more difficult to get up. To simulate an artificial dawn, try lighting several candles around your bedroom first thing in the morning. Besides, there is something so relaxing about lighting a few candles and sipping on a warm beverage.

Use a light box
If your winter blues are causing you serious stress, try using a light box. Just 30-60 minutes in front of one of these full spectrum lamps can recreate the effects of spending a day in the sun. Many companies now even sell full spectrum light bulbs for regular light fixtures.

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