10 Of Our Most Popular What’s Her Secret Profiles From 2020

As we close the year and reflect back on everything that’s happened, we wanted to take a moment a recognize some of the fantastic women we have profiled throughout the year with our popular What’s Her Secret series. It’s not easy, but this handful of female leaders have figured how to flourish, both personally and professionally.

Here are ten remarkable women who inspired us this past year.

10. What’s Her Secret: Fashion Designer Ellie Mae On Her New Cannabis Accessories Line
We chat with Mae about her career in fashion, what trends we should be looking out for in 2020, and how stylish products can help destigmatize cannabis.

9. What’s Her Secret: Kylie Woods of Chic Geek on Empowering Women in Tech
While on maternity leave, we chatted to Kylie about her career path, what inspired her to launch Chic Geek, and what’s keeping women back from thriving in the tech industry.

8. What’s Her Secret: Wellness Virtuoso And Healer Natalie Kehren
Natalie walks us through her career transformation from up-and-coming publicist to leader in the wellness industry and what people can expect from her healing program.

7. What’s Her Secret: Top Chef Canada Judge and Celebrity Restauranteur Janet Zuccarini
We caught up with Janet to chat about her success, her career trajectory and making her way as a woman in a mostly male-dominated business.

6. What’s Her Secret: Carly Stein of Wellness Brand Beekeeper’s Naturals
We caught up with Carly and she walked us through her career path, sustainability and why she thinks it’s so important to care about the bees, and what her advice is as an entrepreneur and CEO.

5. What’s Her Secret: Joie Meffert of Cannabis Topicals Brand Apothecanna
We chat with Joie all about her career path, we get back to basics about what exactly a topical is, and she gives us a peek into the upcoming trends in the cannabis industry that she’s excited about.

4. What’s Her Secret: Interior Design Aficionado Ali Budd
We discuss Ali’s career path, how being a mother inspired her work ethic, and why she thinks that design trends are bullshit.

3. What’s Her Secret: Brandi Leifso of Evio Beauty
Brandi walks us through her career path, explains how her personal story inspires her work today, and offers inspiration for other women who want to start their own businesses.

2. What’s Her Secret: Naturopath Dr. Erica Arcuri
We discuss Erica’s career path, what inspired her to open her own clinic, and we get the inside scoop on her other venture, the biannual Wellness Market.

1. What’s Her Secret: Luxury Cannabis CEO Trang Trinh-Theriault
We chat with Trang about the career opportunities in the cannabis world, the upcoming trends that she is excited for, and her tips on mindful consumption.

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