Ditch Your Morning Coffee for a Healthier Alternative, Green Tea

Is your daily caffeine dose leaving you restless and fidgety? Does your caffeine buzz spiral down into an unwanted crash? Why not replace that morning coffee with a healthier alternative that boasts a more natural energy boost? Green tea, which contains caffeine, is a herbal and healthy way to not only invigorate your morning glory but keep you on track long after the rush of the day is done. Green tea is brimming with antioxidants, polyphenols and catechins that do a lot more than your overworked morning coffee, which was so last year.

After water, tea is considered the most consumed drink in the world and it’s no surprise why. While the Chinese have been drinking green tea for hundreds of years, even using it for medicinal purposes, some of us have just recently begun to learn of its advantages. Go ahead and indulge in it, 3-4 cups a day are best to see full long-term results.

Improves Brain Activity

Besides giving you an energy lift in the morning, drinking green tea can also improve brain function and activity, essentially making you smarter. Many report being more productive after drinking green tea, compared to when they drink coffee. Also improved is attentiveness, responsiveness and memory. However, a word of caution to those anxious students whose ears have just perked up, don’t put down your books just as yet. While green tea does improve brain function it won’t turn you into Einstein!

Long-term Benefits

Because of its high levels of polyphenols, green tea is packed full of benefits. Popular in China and India, green tea aids in digestion, weight loss, and long-term drinkers can expect to have better memory as well as reduced rates of Alzheimer’s and cancer. Green tea also helps to maintain oral hygiene, keeping teeth and gums in good condition. No more fretting over those unpleasant coffee stains on your front teeth!

Fights Aging and Depression

Besides keeping you healthy and energized, green tea can also prevent signs of aging and wrinkles. Applied topically, green tea soothes pores and brightens a dull complexion. So don’t wrinkle your brows in frustration, smooth them out with green tea! To top it all off, if you’re feeling down, green tea can act as a natural anti-depressant. Green tea contains Theanine, an amino acid which helps you relax, feel calm and better equip you for the stresses of everyday life.

So go ahead and break up with your morning coffee, green tea will be right there to ease the pain.


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