Have Fun With Your Lip Products

Choosing a knock ’em dead lip colour isn’t just about picking out your most flattering shade. It’s also about having some fun and experimenting with the huge variety of textures and consistencies out there. Here’s our guide to navigating the world of lippies and getting just the effect you’re after.

Lipstick – The classic lip colour
A lipstick will provide you with a rich pigment, perfect if you’re going for a statement-making shade like red or plum.
The perfect match: For a big event or cocktail party.
Keep it capped: If you’re in a hurry or won’t be able to get away to retouch carefully.

Tinted lip balm
This is the best of both worlds, if you can find one with just the right proportion of colour and moisture (so it’s not too sheer, but not too pigmented to apply without a mirror, on the bus, at work, or out with your friends).
The perfect match: For colour without the fuss.
Keep it capped: If you want an intense shot of colour.

Using a stain is like colouring your lips with a marker, which sounds pretty appealing, right? However, unlike most other lip products, stains don’t contain any moisturizing ingredients. So while they’re very long-lasting and provide a sexy no-makeup flush, they can be difficult to wear all day. Try topping them with a simple balm to keep the same matte look.
The perfect match: For a first date. No transfer, no need to wonder if you have lipstick on your teeth.
Keep it capped: If you have really dry lips.

Lip liner
Although lip liner has been involved in some terrible beauty crimes in the past, it can still help to keep other lip products in place. It can also provide the matte colour of a stain without being quite as drying.
The perfect match: To pair with lipstick or wear on the entire lip with gloss or balm, for a more defined look.
Keep it capped: If you prefer to keep things naturally rosy.

For the ultimate girl next door, a swipe of this no-nonsense balm is all that’s required.
The perfect match: To add moisture to other lip products or to go completely sans-colour.
Keep it capped: If you crave shine (the texture of balm is usually more waxy).

Ah, the preferred lip product of girly-girls everywhere. The best way to add mega-watt shine with a little colour.
The perfect match: For every-day combined colour and moisture.
Keep it capped: If you want to go matte or if you find gloss too sticky.

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