All-Natural Hangover Remedies

Eggnog, Christmas Cosmos and Scroogedrivers can leave you with a mighty hangover the morning after your staff holiday party. If you wake up feeling like you’ve just partied with Lindsay Lohan, try one of these all-natural hangover remedies. They are quicker and more effective than swallowing a pill!

Alcohol dehydrates you, even though you are drinking, it causes your body to lose water, making you thirstier. If you are headed out to a holiday party, make sure to take sips of water in between cocktails. It will help prevent the headache or vomiting the next morning. If you didn’t plan ahead, the moment you wake up you will be running to the fridge for a glass. Thus, be prepared with a tall glass at your bedside before you pass out.

Vitamin C
Although your stomach will squirm at the thought of food, dig into some fruit. Fruits high in Vitamin C are papaya, strawberries, kiwis and oranges. Vitamin C helps to break down the alcohol in your liver, but don’t overdo it because too much will give you a worse stomach ache.

A big English breakfast is a great way to cure a hangover. Eggs have cysteine, which helps get rid of destructive chemicals that hide in your liver after you’ve drank alcohol. And some whole grain toast will help you feel a little less woozy and nauseas.

Banana and Honey Smoothie                                       
If you want to cure your hangover quickly blend banana with honey and milk for the ultimate remedy. Bananas have electrolytes, potassium and magnesium, which are what your body loses when drinking alcohol. It will also calm your stomach while the milk rehydrates you and the honey helps restore your blood sugar levels.

Ginger Tea
Ginger is a main ingredient in most medicines that help soothe your stomach or cure nausea. If you wake up feeling dizzy and wobbly, make yourself a ginger tea, it will help hydrate you and relieve your stomach pain.

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