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Less than 10 days until Christmas, and while the holidays aren’t so much about gift-giving as they are about friends and family, it’s still fair to help the people you love who want to shop for you. That’s why we’ve assembled a list of the fashion finds to ask for, where to get them and why you want them.

What: Nature-inspired accessories

Where: Urban Outfitters, Aerie

Why: With winter’s end comes an increase in the all-natural aesthetic that justifies the latest obsession with khaki green nail polish and wooden accessories. But while holiday was all about sparkle, spring is about new beginnings “ and with two months left before you’re set to don the likes of neon, the likes of wooden rings, feathers and statement necklaces boasting unique shapes (like rabbits or owls) are the perfect carry-over during a time that makes us forget birds even exist.

What: 90s-themed button-ups

Where: H&M, American Apparel

Why: Runway fashion will always be relevant, but few things dictate trends like street style, which has seen a return to the 80s and 90s for over a year. This season, mainstream looks have adopted the aesthetic once again, but this time, they’ve taken a page out of the book of androgyny that was once reserved only for the likes of Annie Lennox. Oversize, sheer button-ups have evoked the feeling of Manchester circa The Smiths, and unlike scarves and hats, they can keep up with you through the spring.

What: Oversize cardigans

Where: Club Monaco, Gap

Why: Like skinny jeans or leggings, oversize cardigans are the perfect solution for days where you just want to wear something. Dressed up or dressed down, plain or embellished, they’re the ideal solution to Saturday afternoons or to chilly workplaces, and depending on their style, can work just as well with a printed dress or an oversize t-shirt. Trendy and classic, they’re the eternal answer to what do I wear with this? and can translate into prim and polished or disheveled and bohemian.

What: Socks

Where: Joe Fresh, Aerie

Why: Of course, the obvious answer seems why not? but unlike the printed Christmas pairs your mom used to buy, the likes of knee socks “ or socks in general “ have made a lengthy appearance in the wide world of fashion. No longer just a seasonal trend, they work in nearly every aesthetic “ whether you’re pairing thigh-high socks with lighter tights and shorts, wearing grey socks with cigarette pants and ankle boots or donning work socks with a printed dress and lace-up boots, to see one’s socks is no longer taboo “ provided they’re not white, outlandishly patterned or older than the wearer herself.

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