10 Gorgeous Green Pieces to Wear on St. Patrick’s Day

Green is the colour of life, money, emeralds and represents the universal signal ‘Go’ for pedestrians and cars at traffic lights. It’s also a traditional and popular colour to wear on St. Patrick’s Day, which takes place March 17th.

Now, you may think it a huge cliché© to wear green on the annual Irish holiday, but if you give it some thought this is beautiful and rich hue looks good on everybody. Plus, why not celebrate this fun and festive day with those lucky Irish at your local pub!

However, from a style perspective, clothing associated with this holiday doesn’t necessarily go down in the books as the most fashionable day of the year. Any sort of garment that makes people look like the leprechaun off the Lucy Charms cereal box is definitely not an look most want to been seen in; magically deliciously in a bowl of milk for breakfast yes, but not in a street style shot. Yikes!

Of course, with a magical sense of style and superior shopping skills we’ve found several gorgeous green pieces that will make you reach underneath your mattress and pull out a few coins from your pot of gold to go shopping. Joe Fresh always tickles our fancy with their selection of affordable and chic wares. They have a stunning, printed, silk green blouse from their spring 2015 collection, which costs less than $60, that will make you most the stylish person in your office on St. Patty’s Day. For a fun and whimsical look, this sweater by 424 FIFTH, exclusive to Hudson’s Bay, is another fashionable, warm and, most importantly, green option when you hit the pub afterhours.

Plans to dress up on March 14th? We have three fabulous fresh frocks for you. Check out the army green dress we found from Banana Republic; it makes for great day to night wear, just throw a cardigan overtop when you’re working nine to five, and at night add a few shiny baubles to dress it up. If you want to channel the traditional feel of the Irish holiday then J.Crew’s Elsa dress, made from a corded Leavers lace, will be the one. On the other hand, for a sleek and modern approach, you’ll feel oh so chic and comfortable in this jumpsuit by Zara.

In the accessories department, there’s no shortage of gear to adorn yourself with. Just wait until you see the leather croc embossed Nikes, the blinged out FOSSIL watch and, the pié¨ce de ré©sistance, a Chloé© bag that will stop all traffic. Dressing up on St. Patrick’s Day is looking mighty appeal now.

Want to see more? Click on the image gallery below and peep the rest of the gorgeous green gear you’ll want to wear on March 17th.

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