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By Alison McGill

There is so much choice today when it comes to eyeglass styles, it can be an overwhelming shopping experience. You can go big and bold with retro-influenced styles, or make a more subtle statement with chic, barely-there wire frames. If glasses are part of your daily vibe you likely have a few pairs in rotation which you can switch up depending on your mood and #OOTD.

We spoke to the experts at BonLook who shared some insider tips to keep top of mind when shopping for specs with regards to fit, colour and shape. When it comes to the structure of the frame, the upper rim should follow your brow line. This creates a harmonious blend between frames and your features. With glass lenses, your eyes should be centred symmetrically in each one—this ensures optimal vision. The lower rim of the frames should not touch your cheek as this can result in various discomforts like glass fogging, an ill fit on the bridge of your nose causing your glasses to slip, and can result in leaving red indentation marks on your skin.

As for shade of the frame you choose, it should complement your eyes and complexion. If you prefer a more subtle look, pick a frame in the same hue as the most neutral tones in your eye colour and find a matching colourway. For example dark brass or a mocha tone can highlight green eyes beautifully. If you’re into statement frames, shop for ones in a complementary colour. Blue eyes will pop with a tortoise frame, while brown eyes look amazing framed in blue.

When it comes to face shape and frames, choose a frame that is the opposite of your face. If you have a square face, choose a round frame. Here, we break this down further and suggest some perfect frames for every face shape.


Rectangular or geometric shapes frames to add structure. Oversize frames can also be fun and fit well with oval faces.
We recommend: BonLook Artsy frames


Square or rectangular frames will add structure and give the face a more angular look.
We recommend: BonLook Sonia frames


Round or aviator frames are complementary to strong features.
We recommend: BonLook Romy frames


This is the most versatile face shape and can wear any style, but oval frames are our top pick!
We recommend: BonLook Elenaor frames

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