A Weekend in Vienna, Austria

While Vienna may not typically be the number one destination on your travel bucket list, may we remind you that Billy Joel did write a song about it, and for good reason. With a history which makes the Lannisters seem innocent, and castles galore, Vienna should jump to the top of your Eurotrip itinerary. Oh and did we mention it’s home to the famous Sachertorte, otherwise known as crack cake? So if the idea of eating your weight in desserts while brushing up on your European history sounds like your idea of a great vacation, then in the wise words of Billy Joel, Vienna waits for you.

Day 1

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Demel- When in Europe, there’s really no better way to start your day than with coffee and croissant(s). We guarantee you’ll eat several of them considering their flakey, buttery consistency at this adorable cafe.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral- Head down to the street to Vienna’s most famous cathedral. Marvel at the gothic architecture, and do a guided tour to delve deeper into its roots.

St. Peter’s Church- Although it is often overshadowed by St. Stephen’s Cathedral across the street due to its modest facade, St. Peter’s Church puts most cathedrals to shame once you step inside. This simple looking church is proof that you should never judge a book by its cover – it has one of the most grandiose baroque interiors of most churches across Europe.

Ankeruhr- The famous clock survived the bomb attacks of the war and is one of Vienna’s most loved sites. At 12pm, the figures on the clock move with music.

Fratelli- Catch your breath with some Italian at Fratelli’s. Although the pizza is fantastic, the real treat here is the fish. We recommend the Branzino.

Gelateria Hoher Markt- No meal is complete without dessert, and the gelato at Hoher Markt is the best in Vienna. We dare you to resist going back for round 2 after dinner.

Belvedere Palace- The name means beautiful view, and the building truly lives up to the name. And just an FYI, Belvedere Palace is home to the works of Gustav Klimt. Your career as a braggy art connoisseur starts here.

Cafe Diglas- Steak lovers, this one’s for you. And if you’re a vegetarian, worry not, the prix fixe menu is to die for.

Day 2

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Cafe Imperial- This cafe happened to be the favourite of none other than Sigmund Freud. Start your day with coffee and a slice of dare we say, torte? Freud had his issues, but we are totally on board with his choice of cafes.

Schonbrunn Palace- Gorgeous castle? Check. Instagrammable garden? Check. Game of Thrones-esque history? Check. Unlike most audio tours, the one at Schonbrunn Palace is surprisingly interesting and altogether necessary while learning about the Lannisters, oops, we mean Hapsburg family.

Neni- What’s the best thing to do after a Game of Thrones like history lesson? A Game of Thrones worthy feast. Head to Neni at Naschmarkt for Middle Eastern food that’ll make your head reel.

Hofburg Palace Complex- Head back to District One to walk around the Hofburg Palace Complex which boasts several impressive looking buildings.

Ké¤rntnerstrasse- Basically Vienna’s version of Fifth Avenue. Here, you will find every shop you can possibly imagine, along with a league of women that will put your Pinterest board to shame.

Loca: Named appropriately, expect to go loca for the food here. We recommend the six course chef’s choice menu, because when has a six course dinner ever been a bad idea?

Hotel Sacher- Home to Vienna’s most popular export: the Sacher Cake. It is sacrilege to leave the city without trying it.

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