29 Ways to Turn Him On with Minimal Effort

Want to get your guy in the sack tonight but are looking for the easiest ways to get his gears going without having to put in too much effort? Here’s 29 very sexy ideas to make it happen¦

  1. Go down on him first thing in the morning, before he’s fully awake.
  2. Send him a text as soon as he leaves in the morning telling him what you’re going to do to him that night.
  3. Then send him a sexy selfie while you get dressed.
  4. Climb on his lap and straddle him while he’s being a couch potato.
  5. Sneak up behind him, wrap your arms around him, and then slowly rub your hands over his package through his clothes.
  6. Meet him in bed when he gets home from work¦naked.
  7. Wear no panties to work one day¦and make sure he knows it.
  8. Send him an email describing the last time you masturbated while thinking of him.
  9. Or an email re-living one of your most memorable sexual escapades.
  10. Invite him into the shower post-gym sesh.
  11. Ask him what he wants for dessert¦and then offer up yourself.
  12. Massage his butt while you kiss him.
  13. Get naked. Plain, simple, effective every time.
  14. Touch yourself for him.
  15. Sloooooowly unzip his fly while you kiss him.
  16. Tell him that he’s allowed to do anything to you. And mean it.
  17. Give him a back massage¦without any panties on.
  18. Nibble on his neck, scraping your teeth along his jaw line.
  19. Get sneaky under the dinner table by running your hand up his thigh¦and beyond.
  20. Wear something sexy under your clothes and give him a peek.
  21. Touch him everywhere…but there.
  22. Talk dirty to him. Really, just come out and tell him exactly where you want him to take you and how.
  23. Give him a private lingerie show.
  24. Put on some sexy slow music and ask him to dance.
  25. Make out like teenagers. No touching under the clothes allowed!
  26. Read him a sexy passage from your latest romance novel.
  27. Take his hands and put them where you want them.
  28. Surprise him with a little porn watching session.
  29. Bend over in front of him. No really, you’d be surprised.

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