5 Habits of the Happiest Couples

Want to damage-proof your relationship? There are a few common tactics that healthy couples practice on the regular. They don’t require any sweat, a ton of extra time, or you to be anything you’re not. Make these 5 simple strategies second nature, and your super strong relationship will follow.

Make a point to talk regularly. You’ve heard it a million times before “ communication is the key to success. This doesn’t just mean talking about feelings when something happens, though. Of course, it’s super important to speak your mind when something is bothering you, but it’s even more important to keep each other posted on the everyday occurrences “ thoughts, personal developments, work stuff, friend stuff, no matter how boring or mundane. You’d be surprised how many fights you can nip in the bud when you keep up the regular banter about daily occurrences. It also eliminates needing to “catch up” if you don’t see each other for a while.

Maintain your own life. Being able to take some time apart is just as essential as spending quality time together. Having a life outside your relationship will ensure you have other people to rely on and talk to about things you can’t talk to your partner about (him, girl stuff, etc). No one person can be everything to anyone. You don’t want your partner to become associated with something stifling or something you can’t tear yourself away from.

Be kind. As with any relationship, kindness is the only way to keep someone around. Regular random acts of kindness go a long way for making your partner feel reassured and also making you feel good. Feeling under appreciated or put down will quickly make your relationship spiral into a toxic one. Even being sarcastic too often can take a toll. While it’s important to voice your thoughts when you’re unhappy, there’s a right way to do it. When all you want to do is freak out at your partner for something they did (or didn’t do), try to keep your eye on the bigger picture “ you love them, and there are a ton of reasons why.

Keep it fun. The number one relationship threat? Becoming a burden to each other. Whether one of you is too dependent or becomes too high maintenance, feeling obligated to do or be anything will make the relationship a downer. If it doesn’t feel fun anymore, ask yourself why you no longer enjoy hanging with your partner “ this is a conversation you have to have with yourself, not him. As a general interest-keeping rule, don’t slip into a date routine, as this can become oppressive. You want to look forward to every single one.

Talk about the future. Getting excited about planning your next hangouts, or even further along the road, is affirming. It reinforces your commitment to each other. It can also be a lot of fun!

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