Smart Post-Date Moves

Knowing how to proceed after the first couple of dates can be tricky. You don’t want to seem too eager, but you want him to know you had an awesome time and are down to see him again. Whether you set a dinner and a movie date in stone for this weekend or tossed around the idea of getting coffee next week, here are a few moves you can make use of to make sure those dates coming.

Be economical in your texting
Post date banter via text is a great way to pique interest. Keep texts short, witty, and a little mysterious. When he asks you what’s up, something vague like oh you know, work, out with the girls will suffice. Alluding to the fact that you’re busy, social, and in demand will leave a little up to his imagination, so he’ll be wondering even more about you. 

Dish some compliments
Without gushing, you can compliment him in a way that boosts his ego and also makes you appear confident. As opposed to complimenting something specific like his facial hair, tell him he looks great or you dig his style. He’ll be stoked to hear it. Your positive attitude will invite him to reciprocate that positivity, too. 

Switch up your style
Without straying too much from your personal style, make a move to change up your look the next time you see him. It could be as simple as a bold pair of hoop earrings, sassy lipstick, or vibrant scarf. This lets him know that your personality is as multifaceted and exciting as your aesthetic. It’ll also keeps him guessing. 

Train him
Of course you can’t expect to change anyone, but you can let him know that you don’t accept trifling in the form of dishonesty, inattentiveness, or late night bootycalls or (unless you do, in which case, clarity also helps). That means, don’t go over to his place when he calls you at 3 AM if you really don’t want him to think its ok to ask that of you. The kind of treatment you invite will be the kind of treatment you get.

Ditch your expectations
Don’t sabotage your relationship before it even starts by over thinking it. It doesn’t mean he’s not into you if he doesn’t text you for 3 days. The smartest post date move of all is to relax, maintain a confident attitude and understand that some things are out of your hands. What can do is avoid prescribing timelines for his calls or texts, or creating any ultimatum’s for him in your head. You’re doing both you and your partner a favour by not jumping to conclusions.

Be confident
Above all else, confidence is your secret weapon in dating. It’ll keep you feeling sure of yourself, and it’s also the sexiest vibe you can give off. When you feel sexy, he’ll pick up on that. Throw on a tried and true outfit you feel awesome in and leave the killer heels at home (unless you feel totally at home in killer heels).

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