5 Steps to Picking the Perfect Wine

We all know the stress, the one where you’re invited out to that important dinner party (whether it be with your boss or your boyfriends parents) and you know that you will have one responsibility and only one – to bring the bottle of wine that will knock their socks off. But you are no wine connoisseur, so how to you go about ensuring that you will bring the bottle of wine that will undoubtedly impress? Like this…


Know what you’re eating

The most important thing to remember when it comes to wine is that pairing it with what you are eating is always the simplest rule.  White wines or light bodied reds are best paired with fish, chicken, pork, as well as vegetarian dishes. For red meats or pastas, stick with full-bodied reds. Also worth noting, the spicier the dish, the sweeter the wine should be.

Do your research

Websites like winspector.com can be a great place to start your search for a perfect wine. When you have little-to-no experience selecting a wine, their ratings can help you find a bottle that will be suitable for any audience and any meal.

Don’t be intimidated by age

Contrary to popular belief, not all wines actually get better with age. Most white, rose, or sparkling wines don’t actually need any aging to improve in quality and most red wines are already aged (usually up to two years) before they even hit the shelves of your local wine shop. The term “Vintages” literally just refers to the year in which the wine was produced but does not necessarily mean it will be any better than a wine produced six months ago.

Try and have a personal connection

When you turn up with a bottle of wine, it is always great to have a story behind it. Whether it came from an area of Tuscany you once visited while backpacking through Europe or was the bottle you and your boyfriend shared on your first date, giving meaning to the gift you bring will make it mean more to everyone who is at the table.

Ask an expert

When all else fails, go to the pro. Almost every store will have someone who can speak to the quality of the wines on their shelves and will be able to help you pick out something that will do exactly what you need it to do – impress.

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