10 Creative First Date Ideas

Dinner and a movie on a first date is so passe. We're all for casual conversation over drinks or coffee, but even that is getting a little bit boring for our liking. Here's the way we see it: when you start dating a guy, the best (and infinitely more fun) way to get to know him is through creative activities that will not only allow for great conversation but also give you a real glimpse into his personality.

We've rounded up 10 fun first date ideas that are guaranteed to get the ball rolling . By the end of these, you'll know exactly whether or not he deserves a second date: 

1. Aquarium
Not only is the aquarium really cool, but it's also kinda sexy (let's just say there are penty of dark, secluded corners to sneak a kiss or two). Seeing the underwater creatures up close and personal will provide plenty of topic for discussion, leaving no room for awkward silences. Plus, the glow of the aquarium works better than an Instagram filter. 

2. Exhibit
Check out an exhibit that peaks both of your interests. You'll be able to connect over something in common while sharing your opinions and views. 

3. Indoor rock climbing
Nothing like a little physical activity to get your hearts racing! Bonus points — you'll get to see his biceps in action. 

4. Adult arcade
Bring out your inner kid and head to an adult arcade for your first date. You'll get to sip casually on some beers while showing him how well you can kick-ass at Pac-Man (he'll dig it, we promise!). 

5. Ice skating
Unless you're a figure skater (in which case you'll definitely impress him), chances are you'll have to hold onto your date at some point to prevent yourself from falling. Ice skating is a perfect way to get close to your new guy without feeling awkward. 

6. Amusement park
You'll get to cozy up to him on the rides, share cotton candy, and win prizes for each other, which make for great momentos. 

7. Bowling
Bowling is the perfect low-key, but fun first date. Plus, a little friendly competition is a great way to get that spark going. Up the stakes by setting a prize for the winner (may we suggest a kiss?)

8. Board Game Cafe
Another way to engage in some friendly competition. Make things even more interesting by challenging each other to your favourite childhood board games. 

9. Paintballing
What better way to bond with your new guy than to tag team against others in an intense game of paintballing? 

10. Karaoke
Yes, karaoke can be intimidating, but it's a great way to let loose and laugh at yourselves. And if you're a singer, all the better: you'll get to swoon him over with your vocal chops. 

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