Girlfriends Every Woman Should Have

Your girlfriends. What would you do without them? Likely they’ve been through the wringer with you, seen you through school, boyfriends, breakups, work forays and crazy travel experiences. They’ve seen you through the dark days and your best moments. That all being said, we’ve compiled a list of friends we think every girl should have along the way and through it all:

1. Long-haul 
You met in the early days of grade school or high school and she’s seen you through the shiny silver braces protruding from your mouth and the fashion disasters you hope are never spoken of again. What you share is this¦a common history. And thank goodness that you do. She keeps you grounded and just when your ego threatens to grow to new heights, she has the reality dose on standby. 

2. Co-conspirator
This is the girlfriend that gets right down with your crazy plans and ideas. A weekend in Iceland? Sure! A random pub-crawl for Oktoberfest? Why not? We all need a friend like this who you can rely on for fun and who know how to let their hair down and throw caution to the wind.

3. Stages
Maybe you befriended each other in the park or at the ˜mommy and me’ swim hour and the community pool. Either way, this girlfriend mirrors where you’re at in your life. You both are at the same stage, experiencing the same things, good or bad. A partner in crime to help you figure out things along the way.

4. Tell it to me straight
Yes, the truth can be downright painful at times, but this girlfriend doesn’t beat around the bush when you need a good dose of it. She’s there with a healthy but kind dose of reality when you secretly hope that guy you’ve had your eye on for months (but who barely remembers your name) is just playing hard to get.

5. Career Girl
She’s ambitious, smart and together. Her career is on track, her finances are well managed and she’s got a logical and sound head on her shoulders. She’s the girl you go to for advice when you need logic and have to work through a decision to ensure you come out on top.

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