How to End Your Sexual Dry Spell: What to Do to Get Your Libidos Back in Sync

You and your partner totally have a great sex life, right? But, wait¦when was the last time the two of you actually had sex? Oh god.

Don’t fret. You’re hardly the first person in the world to suddenly realize, in the chaos we call life, that your sex life might have taken a backseat to, well, life.

Go lingerie shopping

Let’s be serious, your tee and boy-short combo is cute but it’s probably getting a bit old now. Give your guy something to get excited about by going out and buying something that will not only turn him on but also make you feel totally sexy. And if you really wanna up your chances of getting laid? Bring him shopping with you.

Reenact your first time

Did you and your dude hit up a specific sporting event or go for dinner at a specific restaurant the first time you guys finally hooked up? Plan a sweet little date night to reminisce about that night. Bring him back to all the places you went together that night and try to really re-live those precious early moments in your relationship.

Make a sex date

We get it, you’re busy, he’s busy, everyone is really busy. And by the time bedtime rolls around the last thing anyone wants to do is, well¦roll around. All of us need to have some form of organization in our life and sometimes you just got start scheduling everything. Not only will it help prevent you double booking on friends or family but it can also help you get laid. No shame.

Try something new

Maybe the issue isn’t that the two of your aren’t dying to jump each others bones, but more that you’re just tired of the same ol’ same ol’ all the time. Try something new like asking your guy to try a new position (hell, bust out the whole karma sutra!) or gage how he’d feel about bringing some sex toys into the bedroom. Nothing like spicing things up a little to restore both of your interest in getting it on.


Sometimes the dry spell can reach a point where you and your dude might almost be at a stalemate “ neither of your wanting to mention it to the other out of fear of being rejected. However, just like everything else in a relationship, you will never get what you want from your situation without communication. Trust us when we say that once you break the ice, things can only go uphill.

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