What Not to Carry Over Into Spring 2011

Contrary to what the overrated snowpocalypse would have you believe, in two months time we’ll be rolling our eyes at early onset humidity and pre-dawn chirping birds. Meaning? Spring is right around the corner, and while taking old clothes into new seasons works the majority of the time, there are certain items that should be shelved until next year’s windchill advisories instead of being tweaked for April-May 2011. So here’s our guide to what can’t carry over into spring 2011:


Wait “ before we bring on a world of opposition thanks to cardigans and transition-friendly sweaters, we’ll elaborate: fall and winter saw serious knits-on-knits, so while donning a sweater in lieu of a jacket is A-OK come spring, pairing a sweater with a cardigan and an ankle-length knit skirt is winter overload. And while you may think that temperature would prevent such excessive bundling, don’t forget that it’s tempting come chilly nights to raid the closet for your December “ March go-to items “ just remember that trousers and a blazer work just as well.

Fur or Fur Embellishments

Not so much a trend, as something season-appropriate, fur has its place as a spring accent, but should by no means appear in full-blown form come the Equinox. True, chilly days often call for layers or a return to the winter wardrobe, but in a season renowned for rotating between knee socks and scarves, it’s best to keep any excessive seasonal statement down to a minimum. (That goes for short/shorts and sandals come April, too.)


The quintessential gothic inspiration, velvet’s heaviness is ideal for snowy nights, but would do better to stay nicely folded come the springtime. Of course, you can slip on a velvet tank or a skirt to channel the dark aesthetic of winter 2011 (regardless of neon’s popularity, black will always be the go-to shade for any season at any time), but once the mercury climbs, a material renowned for substance will only serve to make you curse it.


Again, like knits or fur, to abolish wool come spring may seem like common sense, but despite the fabric’s heaviness and affinity for wearing well in sub-par temperatures, it’s still tempting to don those pleated shorts, kilt or Mad Men-inspired suit in hopes of making it work. True, most of the time, mixing and matching can help cement certain pieces as year-round staples, but when you’re donning florals, lighter fabrics or free-flowing pants, a fabric as dense as wool will only make your outfit seem unbalanced. Besides, 70s prints and a taupe knit pencil skirt were never meant to be together.


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