What’s Her Secret? Elisa Dahan, Co-Creative Director of Mackage

In a few days the 2015 Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA) will take place to celebrate and recognize outstanding achievements and emerging talent in Canadian fashion. Among the list of highly respected nominees are Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan, Co-Creative Directors of Mackage, who are up for the Accessory Designer of the Year Award. The two are childhood friends who met on a Montreal playground and years later in 2009 launched Mackage, a label known throughout North America for designing luxury outerwear and leather handbags that will make you part with your credit card in half a heartbeat.

We spoke with Elisa on the cusp of her big night to find out how she is able to juggle the demands of work, family and everything else in between because someone of her talent, skills and success definitely has a few secrets to share about life and happiness.

Astrological sign: Pisces

Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Anniston: Jennifer Aniston for sure!

Montreal, Canada or Paris, France: I would actually choose neither. New York always and forever!

Jolly Rancher or Aero Chocolate: Mint Aero chocolate bar, so good!

You recently won the 2014 Quebec Notable Award for fashion and now you’re a CAFA nominee. How does it feel to be recognized for all of your hard work?

It makes it all feel worthwhile. We really put everything we have into each of our collections, so to be recognized really keeps us motivated!

Here’s a big question… have you figured out what you’re going to wear to CAFA?

Wow, still trying to figure it out! I have a few ideas in mind, but it will all depend on how I am feeling that morning.

You and Eran have been friends since elementary school. What’s easy and difficult about being friends, co-creative directors, as well as business partners?

Being so close for so long has given us the ability to have no filter. We say what’s on our minds and aren’t shy to do so! We also have a really great creative balance, which allows us to continuously be innovative with our designs and the technology behind them all.

You were recently in Paris showing Mackage’s fall/winter 2015 collection, what was the most exciting and tiring thing about the experience?

The most exciting part is seeing the finished result and how well-represented our collection is. The tiring part was the energy and effort we put into every last detail to make sure the end result was exactly what we had envisioned.

How do you define success?

Being recognized for what you do and all of your hard work.

Finish this sentence: I want women around the world to __________.

Be powerful!

What are three things in your wardrobe you cannot live without?

Leather jacket (obviously!), black leather leggings and anything with a 6” heel! You will rarely ever find me in flats.

If you could create a recipe for happiness, what would it contain and why?

Being able to do what you love and having people you love to share it with at the end of the day.

Name a famous person (celebrity or historical figure) you would like to do brunch with and why?

This might sound cheesy, but it’s the truth! I would love to do brunch with Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in one of the Sex & the City scenes.

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