The 10 Best Holiday Songs from the 90s

If there is anything that millennials are currently living for, it’s thinking back to the simpler, less technological times of our youth, the golden age of everything, the 90s. And while the holiday season is the perfect time to think back on your year and do some honest reflecting, you could reflect on the holidays of your youth, and bust a move to these bumpin’ 90s holiday tunes.

Here are our top ten holiday songs from the 90s:

10. Everybody Knows the Claus- Hanson

In 1997 Hanson released their Christmas album Snowed In, and Everybody Knows the Claus was its masterpiece. Not nearly as good as MMMBop, but it’s still enough to get us in the mood to bake some holiday treats with our friends and family.

9.  8 Days of Christmas-Destiny’s Child

Not (technically) a 90’s holiday song, we couldn’t create a list and not include Bey and company’s updated version of the 12 Days of Christmas. Gifted items include a pair of Chloé© shades, and a diamond belly ring. Classy.

8. All Alone on Christmas- Darlene Love

Fans of the holiday staple Home Alone franchise will recognize this one. Love’s All Alone on Christmas takes us back to that time when our whole extended family forgot us in New York City, leaving us alone on Christmas once again. Listen to this song while you explore the city, and make the best out of your bad holiday situation.

7. Run Rudolph Run- Cheryl Crow

Cheryl Crow is the queen of 90’s country-rock. Her spin on the holiday song takes us back to trimming the tree donned in our best looks from the 90s. Not much has changed, we’ve just switched our cropped sweaters and high-waisted jeans for cropped sweaters and high-waisted jeans…wait.

6. This Gift- 98 Degrees

Prepare to enter the boy band zone. 98 Degrees never achieved boy band status like the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync, but they were still able to produce massive hits and dreamy looks. This Gift is a heartfelt holiday track that will get you thinking about the holidays in a whole new way.

5. Christmas Wrapping-Spice Girls

Though Christmas Wrapping was made famous by The Waitresses in the 80s, The Spice Girls AKA the queens of the 90s did a cover of it, which brought it right into the 90s Christmas scene. What would the holidays be without that one song you can’t get out of your head despite not knowing any of the words.

4. Christmas Time- Backstreet Boys

BSB was bound to make an appearance on this list, and their festive classic Chrismas Time is going to make you want to construct a gingerbread house from scratch while listening to the smooth musical stylings of Nick, Brian, Kevin, A.J, and Howie, your boyfriends from 1995.

3. My Only Wish (This Year)-Britney Spears

Also not technically from the 90s, My Only Wish (This Year) was released just in time for Christmas 2000, and Brit could not be left out of this list. Britney’s holiday song should be listened to in your coziest sweater, with a warm cup of hot cocoa, by the fire.

2. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays- N’Sync

Perhaps one of the best holiday songs to come out of the 90s, Merry Christmas Happy Holidays remains a holiday classic year after year. The only thing better than the song is the music video. Justin, Joey, JC, Lance, and Chris dancing around in ski jackets, and snow pants? Yes please!

1. All I Want for Christmas is You- Mariah Carey

As if you didn’t already know this was going to be the number one song on this list. All I Want for Christmas is You was released more than 20 years ago, and nobody ever gets tired of listening to it. Each year the music video is reborn with an impressive surge of views, and Mariah renews our love for the holiday season.

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