Spring’s Safari Chic

It’s safe to assume that come January, safari is everywhere. Last year we saw prints based on fashion of the then-upcoming Sex and the City 2 movie, while spring 2011 calls for a much more streamlined approach, boasting clean lines, subdued colours and minimalist themes. Luckily, you can combine both seasons without breaking the bank, so here’s how you can update your pre-existing safari inspirations without channeling Carrie Bradshaw circa 2010.


True, browns, greens and greys play a huge role in aspects of spring 2011 fashion, but while a neutral pallet defines this year’s safari trend, bold prints aren’t without their place. Animal prints have made a comeback, but while last year saw accessories and lengthy dresses take the stage, this year, the likes of cheetah and leopard print are appearing on tank tops and one-piece pantsuits. However, paired with a neutral jacket or black cigarette pants, the prints become less of a statement and more of an ensemble; provided they’re anchored with a relatively solid base, prints merely help prevent an uninspired one-tone look by breaking up a monochromatic colour scheme.


Like safari enthusiasts themselves, khaki (in both brown and green) have returned to the fashion forefront, with desert-inspired shades appearing on everything from wide-legged trousers to nail polish and accessories. However, the key is to keep it interesting: if you you’re rocking an A-line khaki skirt and hope to pair it with a grey button-up, make sure you invest in some statement jewelry to prevent looking too safe. Or if you want to embrace two seasonal trends, pair a neutral-bottom with a 70s-inspired top “ or invest in pair of pleated neutral trousers to stay both classic and fashion-forward.


Almost as dependable as springtime’s safari trend, the military influence has once again reared its eye-catching head “ but specifically when it comes to jackets and blazers. While last year saw loud prints infused with what can best be described as holiday wear, safari circa 2011 has taken a subtle-yet-bold approach, with investment pieces boasting the desert aesthetic through structured jackets and defined shoulders. Though khaki and grey are abundant in terms of colour schemes, denim military jackets can also constitute as safari, with its neutral qualities working alongside animal prints and soft browns to keep dimension in an outfit through a different type of fabric.


While bohemian-influenced dresses have returned for a fashion comeback, clean lines have also helped shape 2011 “ especially on the safari forefront. Though last year’s free-flowing items can still work in conjunction with the popularity of 70s themes and neon’s return, the structured lines of the safari look offer an alternative to statement pieces and vibrant prints “ especially when working as an anchor for potentially over-the-top ensembles. By pairing khaki or denim trouser shorts with a loose-fitting print blouse, a balance is created that boasts a flattering silhouette. Of course, wearing a one-piece print pantsuit can also create the same: worn with a denim jacket and ankle boots, you’re offsetting the woah-factor of such a statement, but not silencing it completely.


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