Does Being Too Nice Kill Your Dating Mojo?

Like us ladies, guys have the same tendency to fall for the bad girl. But, when it comes to choosing their leading lady, most would prefer a wholesome, down-to-earth gal that they can trust. It seems as though, when we decide it is time to look for something long-term and pull out the good girl card, suddenly it is tough to meet guys.

Studies say that bad girls or boys tend to have more sexual partners, but does quantity beat quality? More sexual partners mean less monogamous relationships, hence the term heartbreaker. In 2008, New Mexico State University gave their students a personality test, those students with traits that included narcissism, impulsive behaviour and a lack of sympathy had an increased number of sexual partners and were more successful at having short-term relationships than others. Although, the students with these characteristics were fantastic at beginning relationships, most of them ended before they hit the long-term, mostly due to those negative personality traits.

A study in 2005 conducted dating scenarios where a woman or man would go on a date with a nice person and also a fun/sexy person. Most daters chose to go on a second date with the nice person. The fun and sexy person was a hit on the first date, but when it came down to considering who would be a better suited for a real relationship, the nice person always won out. Bad girls steal the spotlight and have an easier time reeling in the boys, but good girls attract relationships that are more likely to succeed. 
When it comes to choosing between the life of a bad girl or good girl, it comes down to what you are looking for in a relationship. If your notches on your belt are more important than a ring on your finger, the bad girl career is for you. But, if you want to settle down and find that right person for you, being good is always worth it in the end.

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