Spring’s Hottest Bags

With a new season upon us, it’s only time we begin to justify purse shopping in hopes of warding off winter weather with bright styles and salt stain-free handbags. So while January and February were spent doing damage control post Christmastime-spending, March can be dedicated to hunting down that perfect bag (until you find the next one). Here are the season’s hottest handbags.


True, they don’t fall under the stereotypical handbag category, but as if it were 1996, mini-backpacks have returned to channel the wonder of Reality Bites. Perhaps in step with the season’s infatuation with safari themes and/or khaki, the traditional backpack palette (read: neutrals) are available, while stores like Urban Outfitters have staked their claim on the likes of floral prints and bright hues. True, you may not want to take a canvas style with you to the office, but believe it or not, the leather alternatives are inherently cute.


Showcased by Gucci, Christian Dior and Phillip Lim at their Spring 2011 shows, satchels took a page from the book of The Hangover (Zach Galifianakis’ Roots bag was a step in the right direction), and hit the mainstream, becoming the official it-bag of the season “ minus the connotations associated with it bags. Now offered by the likes of Zara and H&M, satchels were also the bag du jour in the 80s and 90s, so if you’re keen on thrifting, the odds of finding an older gem is relatively high “ provided you prefer vintage to brand names. 

Weekend/Duffel Bags

Appearing in the Spring 2011 Louis Vuitton collection, weekend bags (small duffel bags) are in the official season’s best rotation, but thanks to the commodification of certain styles, you can pick up an affordable version at the likes of American Apparel and American Eagle. (Though for the record, some brands may use the word duffel.) Perfect for getaways (hence their name), weekenders also make for the perfect daily go-to bag since they boast enough room to carry around the basic necessities and them some, available in the standard duffel material, denim and even leather.

Crossbody Bags/Pouches

Since the 70s have staged their comeback, it shouldn’t be surprising that the decade’s being channeled with crossbody styles (smaller bags with super-long straps) and pouches. While small styles may not carry the necessities required for day-to-day wear, they’re a step above a clutch or wristlet and make for the perfect answer to an afternoon or evening out. Available at the likes of Burberry, you can score an affordable version at chains like Topshop and the Gap, with styles ranging from bohemian-influenced to something sleek and polished. 


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