Learning to Dress for You!

I’ll be the first to tell you that finding your own style is hard. Personally, since most seasonal trends don’t work with me, and I usually need to pick up pieces that are a little more tailored, classic, or appropriate for someone circa 1964. So that’s why I wanted to write this “I’ve been there. And through those trials and tribulations, I’ve learned that shopping doesn’t have to be a chore, or an unnecessary burden. Buying clothes can be fun, and you can do it your own way. Here’s how.

1. Don’t copy anybody else’s style
There’s a difference between being inspired by someone and copying their style completely, and I tell you this because I’ve done both. Being influenced is normal “ we’re influenced all the time, and it’s awesome to interpret certain trends and make them your own. But you don’t want to dress head-to-toe like somebody else. Not when you probably have your own idea of what looks good, and your own eye for colours, cuts, and fabrics. You might think that you don’t, but that’s only because you’re not giving yourself enough credit . . . yet.

2. Highlight what you like best
The minute you stop camouflaging yourself and bring out what you like best, you’ll instantly feel more confident in your style. If you’ve got an hourglass figure, try the peplum trend to draw in your waist and showcase your curves; if you’re tall and thin, wear flapper-inspired dresses that most of us can’t. We all have traits we don’t like and want to cover up, but flip them: look at what you like best, and accentuate those. Focusing on the negative serves no purpose other than to make you feel bad, so focus on what you like best instead.

3. Wear what you like
Okay, there are a few things that, I’m sorry, need to be eliminated: 1) leggings as pants and 2) please see point one. But other than that? Provided you’re not breaking employee dress code or rocking your inner exhibitionist at a family dinner, wear what you like. If you like ˜90s grunge? Buy all the flannel you can. If like you the recent neon trend? Load up accordingly. As soon as you indulge in what you actually want to wear, you’ll be surprised at how your sense of style will evolve.

4. Don’t listen to bullies
There are always going to be people who need to comment on other people. And sometimes those people are going to say things about you, and whatever you chose to wear that day. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. Every human being has been there. The key is not to let them impact you or your sense of fashion. Often, those people lack the confidence needed to dress for them, and they wish they could bust out what you have the courage to wear. 

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