Spring to Summer: Key Transitional Pieces

Spring has finally arrived! It’s time to put away your bulky sweaters, knitted scarfs and riding boots and switch up our winter wardrobe with a fresh, new spring wardrobe! But why stop there when you can start thinking about your summer wardrobe too? Here are 6 transitional pieces to take you from spring to summer in style.


A Jean Jacket

G-Star Denim Jacket

I know what you’re thinking – of course you need a jean jacket, it’s a spring staple! Well in any case, I’ll still mention it, just for those of you who need a reminder (or just an excuse to go out and get a new one!).  Whether it’s a light or dark wash, jean jackets have become synonymous with spring fashion and frankly if you don’t have one you need to go get one. They’re the perfect replacement for your frumpy winter coat and as we’ve learned from Jessica Alba, they can be dressed down or up with frilly skirts or wide-leg dress pants

Dress Shorts

Club Monaco Shorts

If you don’t have a pair of dress shorts in your closet, what are you waiting for? Dress shorts, as opposed to plain or causal shorts, like denim shorts, are a more sophisticated choice for those of you (especially in Canada) who realize putting on a pair of short shorts may not be possible until, well, let’s just say July. Find a pair, which is slightly longer in length and if you’re feeling brave – a unique design pattern like vertical stripes, to make your outfit stand out. Otherwise stick with simple black and if it’s too cold to show off those legs just wear them with black tights underneath.

A Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress

There’s nothing like a maxi dress to make you feel like spring is actually here. After a month of Christmas events wearing nothing but cocktail dresses and fitted dresses, it feels good to slip on something a little more comfortable and just as stylish.  My motto is if you can find it, get one in every color. Black, grey, blue or red – whatever, as long as it flows nicely and isn’t too fitted. For the early spring months, pair with a crop blazer or layer with an oversized knitted sweater if you’re feeling boho-ish and once the temperatures rise, lose the layers and just go bare, so to speak.

Printed Pants

J.Crew Jeans

Print lovers rejoice, prints are back and this time it isn’t just for girly dresses and skirts, it’s for bottoms too! Stripes, Aztec-designs and even floral pants are a welcomed revamp on the solid black and grey pants you may be used to wearing. If you’re for a pair of printed pants to take your through the warm months you need consider the length and style of the pants. Do you want them to be tight-fitted? Bootcut? Cropped? Depending on the style you will be able to determine just how long you can wear them into the hot summer months.

A White Shoulder Bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag

Normally I’m not a huge fan of white, but this year it’s time to take a chance on the simple yet powerful statement shade and what better way to do that than by mixing up your handbag collection? From Marc by Marc Jacobs to Diane von Furstenberg, white handbags are the choice du jour for this spring and summer and don’t worry if you can’t afford designer labels just yet because there are many options from your favourite retailers who offer the same style for a more affordable price.

Fancy Flats

ALDO Shoes

Don’t be ashamed to slip into flats – especially after a winter of tall boots. Yes, you will get a chance to wear your wedges, gladiator heels and pumps, but you must invest in a pair of good, breathable flats that are comfortable to walk in and beautiful to look at. Anything from studs, shimmer or animal print, there is a style for everyone and you have at least three months of good weather so make sure to buy all the style you want while you can!

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