How to Wear Comfy Tights Anywhere

For a long time I was team no-tights. I subscribed to the belief that tights are no replacement for pants, and I definitely looked down on those who disagreed. And while I still believe you should leave your stretchy and potentially see-through spandex at home for your couch potato days, tights have come a long way. No longer relegated to cheap stretchy black fabric, they now come in a multitude of textiles”velvet, leather, suede, neoprene”and even have design details that would be right at home on the runway”paneling, cutouts, pleats and folds.

It’s time for me to admit that maybe tights can be appropriate outside the gym. But, there are still some things to keep in mind if you are planning on rocking the comfiest thing you own out of doors. I asked style expert Liv Judd Soye for her tips on how to style tights so that you don’t look frumpy or lazy.

Embrace athleisure

Sports- and gym-wear has been big for several years, so if you really want to embrace the trend, chances are your tights will do the trick. “Think of runners, a bomber, a hoodie or converse,” says Soye. Bonus: “It’s a celebrity off-duty fave.”

Remember fabrication

“If the tights are made out of faux or real leather or denim, then they can definitely be dressed up with a heel and a cropped top,” says Soye. Just remember to keep your other outfit items modern. Her style tip? “Pull up the bottom of your tight or sweat pant to show a little ankle.”

Go with sophisticated separates

If you’re wearing your tights somewhere with a dress code (or you just want to look more put together), wear sophisticated separates to dress them up. Think luxe over-size sweaters, tunics, long vests or blouse-y shirts. “Remember that they are tights though”pair them with longer tops,” says Soye.

Clean cut is the way to go

“If you want to look pulled together, then make sure the items you are pairing with your tights look crisp and clean”not just functional,” says Soye. This means putting away your beat up Converse and instead pairing your tights with sneakers or runners without stains or too much wear. “Sloppy items will make your whole ensemble crumble.”

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