How to Not Wear Real Pants All Winter Long

If you ask me, the only acceptable form of pants is a pair that is soft, stretchy and best kept at home with your pillow. Anyone who knows me well knows that I own only a couple of pairs of “real” pants and I wear them sparingly. Things start to get tricky, though when it is the dead of winter and you’re losing all feeling in your toes and no matter how cute that little leather mini is, it seems physically impossible to leave the house in it without your legs falling off. Here are a few obvious and not-so-obvious legwear options that are hella cozy and will keep you warm and attached to your legs, without actually putting you through the hassle of wearing pants.

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Leggings are your friends. And are not pants. And I will fight you about it. Now that we have that out of the way, pair them with a cute tunic or mini dress with a cardigan and boots for a comfy ensemble you can wear all day long. Pro tip: the wide waistband on these Hue leggings will keep your holiday indulgences in check until your resolutions kick in.

Wear it: Hue Ultra High Waistband Leggings, $40, The Bay

Hue Ultra High Waistband Leggings $40 The Bay

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