A Fresh Take on Denim-on-Denim Style

We’ve mentioned the Canadian tuxedo before, and after spring previews hinted towards a comeback of the denim-on-denim ensemble, it’s safe to say that the first half of 2011 has been dedicated the resurgence of denim in mass amounts. However, if you’re ready to couple a cropped jacket with a pair of destroyed jeans circa 2005, think again. This year, designers have paid homage to a fresh take on the fabric, and thanks to the likes of Stella McCartney and Derek Lam, denim just got a lot more interesting.


For the past couple years, spring seemed synonymous with destroyed as surfer girl aesthetics filtered down through the mainstream shops and attempted “ once again “ to justify a super lowrise cut. However, 2011’s washes have seen something entirely different: darker, clean-looking denim that boasts crisp, clean tones seemingly straight out of the 1970s. Thus, unlike the pairing of a faded coat with a pair of tired pants, this season’s polished and refreshing take on the fabric allows you to pair a denim tank with a pair of wide-legged jeans, or base a suit around denim, that you can anchor with a white button-up or black t-shirt.


Jeans have earned a reputation for looking a certain way as seasons pass, and while the high-rise skinny cut has earned its place among pant staples, designers have capitalized on the 1970s trend by re-introducing the wide-leg, midrise cut that offers a modern take on the 2008 trend. (Remember that?) However, the cleanliness of this season’s jeans isn’t limited to pants: high-rise A-line skirts and boyfriend shorts have also channeled Lam’s signature look, and worn with a sweeping denim trench or a structured blazer, any casual connotations have been “ and will be “ cast aside.


As high-end collections inspire more accessible chains, Europe’s Mango has already made the denim-supreme trend highly achievable. With A-line tubes and button-down long sleeve dresses (cinched at the waist, so you won’t look like you’re wearing an oversize denim shirt), you can pair with it a blazer or even a well-tailored denim button-up. Or if you’re willing to channel Celine and Stella McCartney’s boat-neck dresses, you can infuse a denim bag and brown wedges into your outfit to capitalize on the (yes, again) 1970s resurgence.


Denim’s earned a reputation for being classic, but as proven by Mango’s cropped tube shirt (not to be attempted by everyone “ including this writer) and Akris’ pairing of a sheered top with a denim suit, there’s room to play around and combine fabrics, textures and styles. Designers like Ellie Tahari paired lighter, faded jeans (though far from distressed) with a button-down blouse worn open over a gold tank, and by experimenting with various washes, styles and pieces, you can keep denim-on-denim interesting and far from stereotypical.

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    • April 15, 2013
    I live in Brooklyn, NY. and really, if I saw a girl in a mini, I think she is dsreesd a little cramped. im 16 too much so. jeans are perfect. I wear them all the time on the bus, train, walking down the street. and you know how there are construction workers whistle and research? many guys like to watch. her best in jeans because its convenient and you can not tromper.J I really hope you like the city. At present, the climate in the 50s which is weird. . . Anyway, it may be useful.

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