Lauren Conrad, Then & Now

I don’t care who you are; we have all at one point loved Lauren Conrad. Whether it was as LC from Laguna Beach or when declaring Spencer a sucky person on The Hills, we’ve all pledged allegiance to one of her empires, and now we’ll do it again, sort of. So in celebration of her most recent book release, Beauty, we’ve rounded up our favourite Lauren Conrad moments and paired them with her most recent products. Because sometimes owning various seasons of The Hills will inspire such pieces.

1. Then: Laguna Beach
Let’s take a walk down memory lane: a time when we all wore super-low rise flared jeans, and highlighted our hair to high heavens. A time when Hollister tank tops reigned supreme, and the only acceptable form of footwear were flip-flops. No one personified California style like Lauren Conrad, and when we met her in the series’ first season . . . well let’s be honest. We wanted her wardrobe. Little did we know that between 2005 and 2012, however, that wouldn’t change.

Aside from the video of her ripping up a book (no, Lauren!), Lauren Conrad’s website has proven that she’s evolved from a teen after the heart of Stephen Colletti to a fashion and beauty maven. Case in point: her website, which features everything from finding the perfect coat, to making crafts. This must’ve been what Hilary Duff’s Coming Clean was about to begin with.

2. Then: You know why I’m mad at you! You know what you did!
If for one minute you pretend not to know this quote or claim not use it whenever the opportunity arises, you are lying to both me and to yourself. In The Hills third season, Lauren had risen above the ranks of Lisa Love, and come face to face with Heidi Montag. The allegation? Vicious lies. The truth? Who knows. Either way, we’d graduated from flip-flops and jeans to dresses and empire waists, marking quite an evolution.

Now: Beauty
We mentioned the book previously, but now that Christmas is around the corner, Lauren Conrad’s latest publication might work for the makeup aficionado in your life (or you, if you just want to buy yourself a book). The first time Lauren talks beauty exclusively, it’s another testament to how she’s changed over the past seven years, and raises the question of where she’ll go next.

3. Then: L.A. Candy
Remember the alleged tell-all fictional account of what actually went on during The Hills? Kind of? Exactly. Because despite having released five follow-up books since, Lauren continues to blaze the makeup and beauty trail. Case in point . . .

Now: LC Lauren Conrad For Kohl’s   
No, Lauren the designer isn’t exactly news, but considering The Lauren Conrad Collection of 2008 has been off the radar for a few years, her collaboration with Kohl’s is something to talk about. Not only exclusive to the brand (and available online), 100% of the profits goes to support the fight against breast cancer. And available now until February, it’s a potential holiday gift idea.


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