How to Get Him Into Valentine’s Day

Valentine’ day is a tough sell for a lot of men. They think Valentine’s day and think pressure. Plus, there’s the whole crazy consumerism aspect which can be a big turn off for some. Getting what you want on Feb. 14th starts with being honest, open, and realistic. Here’s how to turn him onto the most sugar-sweet day of the year.

Take the pressure off. Assure him that you don’t expect or want anything romantic beyond belief. Be honest in telling him what you do want out of the day. Make it a collaborative occasion and it together. That way, no one will feel like they’re solely responsible for creating this huge romantic event. Have a few ideas to bring to the table and start small and simple.

Be realistic. Ice skating is a nice idea, but is shivering in the freezing cold all night with a Charlie horse in your feet sucks. If you or your man wouldn’t want to do it on any other day, don’t do it on Valentine’s day. Pick an activity that will appeal to both of you, like visiting the spot where you had your first kiss, or re-enacting one of your favourite first dates. Do something within you and your partner’s comfort zone, and make it match where you are in your relationship. (ie, if you’re not that serious, don’t suggest a night in a super fancy hotel somewhere.)

Offer to take care of things, but don’t insist. Some guys wouldn’t dream of letting a lady “take them out for dinner,” but if making Valentine’s day an event is your idea, he’ll appreciate the gesture. You’ll be able to gage where he stands on letting you do things from his response. Here’s a tip. Imagine him telling his friends what you both did for Valentine’s day. If you can see him cringing as he tells them “his girlfriend did everything” because he couldn’t get it together, then hold back. 

Talk gifts. Take the mystery and potential awkwardness out of gift giving. Decide if you want to exchange gifts, and then set a price limit. That way, he’ll know exactly what you expect. Think of some (easy to find) potential trinkets you might want, in case he asks specifics – but only if he asks. You want to make it easy for him. Don’t just say “surprise me!” That will only overwhelm him.


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