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So your man adores your gift of gab. He can’t wait to hear a play-by-play of your day’s calorie consumption and will patiently listen to you swoon about that Marc Jacobs bag you can’t quite afford. He loves everything that comes out of your sweet, sexy, and smart mouth. He loves hearing your voice so much that he wishes you talked a little bit more between the sheets. Unfortunately bed-chat is not as easy as talkin’ handbags.

Are you a Chatty Cathy that feels more like Cathy Creepo if you pipe up during sex? Well here are a few ways to get lippy without feeling weird.

Flirt with fantasies:
If you’re more comfortable writing it than verbalizing it, start with some flirty sexting to get his mind in the gutter (it usually doesn’t take much). There is nothing sexier than letting him know you’re thinking about him on those nights you are apart, or on the hot and heavy days you feel like blowing off work for some afternoon delights. Be prepared though, this may lead to him making mid-afternoon calls to your cubicle wondering what colour undies you are wearing.

Stroke his, ahem, ego:

Who doesn’t get off on compliments? Nothing says “I dig you” more than expressing all of the reasons why. Take a good look at the guy above you, below you, behind you (whatever works), and let him know all of the body parts you just can’t get enough of.

Drop the thesaurus:
Don’t feel like you have talk like a breathy erotica film star. Keep it simple; he’s asked for a little verbal lubrication, not a triple X-rated rehearsed monologue.

Get creative with actions and words:

Yes, sometimes actions speak louder than words, but if you really want to get his manhood from six to midnight in a hurry, combine the two. It’s impossible to be speechless when you are simply dictating your actions. Throw in things like, “Next I’m going to” or “I can’t wait to.” Sometimes the proposition is just as hot as the action.

Get creative:
If it takes you slipping into an outfit that makes you feel like you fit the part, or you want to role play so it’s your other persona that likes to say the naughty things, do it. As long as you feel comfortable and confident, you’ll feel sexy, and most likely not be able shut up.

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