Avoid a Holiday Relationship Hangover

You partied together through December, he held your hand through some long family dinners and showered you with gifts on December 25th. Now that it’s a new year you may be feeling a little bit hungover from the high of the holidays, but that doesn’t mean your relationship needs to suffer or slow down.

Here’s how to avoid a relationship hangover and maintain that momentum:

Express gratitude
Talk about the holidays and why it was so great to have him around through everything. Which party was your favourite? Which of his uncles made you laugh the hardest? What did you love most about his mother’s gift to you or the dinner she cooked? Think about what you loved and appreciated about your holiday experiences together and tell him. It may make him appreciate his family, friends or job more, too. A little reflection can go a long way.

Use your gifts
If he gave you a beautiful set of dishes, don’t tuck them away in the closet, use them! Put on a cute outfit and whip up a delicious meal, then sit down to enjoy it with your holiday honey over romantic candlelight. If he gave you sports gear, get out and use it together. And if he gifted you with clothes or jewelry, make a date to get out and wear it.

Make plans for the future
Not those kinds of plans. Just plan a weekend away or a special date for a few weeks in the future. Having something new and fresh to look forward to will keep you both interested and excited and you’ll be looking ahead instead of back at the holidays.

Try something new together
If the holidays were filled with new experiences, you may have felt on a bit of a high with so much happening. Now that you’re coming down from that, day-to-day relationship stuff might feel a bit boring. If that’s the case, find something you can both try for the first time and do it together. Sign up for a team sport, join a club or volunteer somewhere new. Getting out and trying new things will keep your spirits up after the intense and busy holiday season.

Surprise him
Part of what makes the holidays so exciting is the surprises, right? So do something nice to surprise your beau. It doesn’t have to be a holiday or special occasion for a surprise, nor does a surprise have to be expensive. Think lingerie, a special meal or doing him a favour when he’s busy at work. Get creative!

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