The Worst Workout Mistakes

That pink, Juicy Couture sweat suit may not be the only mistake you’re making at the gym. There are many mistakes that women make in their workouts that can not only compromise the results but can also cause injuries. To make sure you aren’t making any big mistakes, read on.

Thinking no pain, no gain. Like Jane Fonda always said, no pain, no gain, right? Not really. A bit of lactic acid the day after a spin class is one thing. Any kind of pain in your joints, tendons or even a lot of pain in your muscles is another. Pain is your body’s way of saying that something is wrong, so listen!  

Forgetting the last few reps. Nine is just one less than ten, right? And eight is just one less than nine! If you’re skipping your last few reps, you may not be getting as much out of your workout. The last few reps are the ones that burn the most fat and build the most muscle.  

Not doing strength training. We know, the weight room can be intimidating. (I mean, who wants to share the weight machine with a sweaty, hulking man?) However, if you want that tight, toned body, you need to do resistance and weight training. So man up!

Always doing the same workout. If you’ve been doing the same Jillian Michaels DVD in your living room everyday, its time for a change! Not only will change keep you interested but it will also let you burn more calories and target more muscle groups.

Not having proper technique. It can be hard to keep your back straight, your stomach in and your chest out but it is important! If you don’t have proper form, you may not be getting anything out of the exercise. It can even cause injuries. So, make sure you know what you’re doing before you attempt a Russian twist.

Skipping the cool-down stretches. Stretching may not be the most thrilling, adrenaline-pumping part of your work out but it is important. Not only does stretching help prevent injury but it also makes your muscles longer and leaner.

Doing real push-ups . You may have called them girl push-ups in elementary school but kneeling push-ups are not just for girly-girls! They still build strength and, if you’re not able to do real push-ups just yet, they are much better for you!

Doing crunches to get abs. While there is nothing wrong with doing crunches, they alone won’t give you rock hard abs. If you want Keira Knightley-worthy abs, you have to incorporate other core exercises. (Not to mention, crunches give some women a sore back!)

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