Best Dressed 2011: Our Picks So Far

There’s two months left before 2011 comes to a close, and while there’s more than enough time for an up-and-coming starlet to prove herself as a fashion heavyweight, there are certain names that come to mind when establishing the industry cré¨me de la cré¨me. So without further adieu, these are our picks for best dressed 2011 and why they’ve made our list.

Carey Mulligan 
carey mulligan 1 carey mulligan 2
Few people can carry (no pun intended) casual, formal and experimental wear naturally, but with a flair for both high fashion and bohemian influence, the actress has not only succeeded in growing out her pixie, but proving herself a fashion force. After all, few of us could boast a dress with a cutout midriff successfully “ or classily.

Elizabeth Olsen
elizabeth olsen 1 elizabeth olsen 2
The other Olsen has proven that fashion awareness indeed runs in the family by taking a page out of her sisters’ unconventional approach to day-to-day looks and interpreting formal wear independently. Here’s to a 10 Things I Hate About You-inspired prom dress revival.

Jessica Chastain
chastain 1 chastain 2
What a difference a year makes. After flying under the radar for the better part of 2010, Jessica Chastain has come into her own both as a thespian and red carpet force, making playful interpretations of formal classics and proving the A-list isn’t necessarily for playing it safe.

Alexa Chung 
chung 1 chung 2
Fashion darling of the UK, North America seems to finally have accepted Ms. Chung’s tomboy-meets-grandmother style, as her flair for layering, ruffles and borderline shapeless dresses hold true to both the ˜70s revival and this generation’s abandonment of convention. After all, not every 28-year-old can get away with overalls “ or encourage others to don them, too.

Emma Watson
watson 1 watson 2
Proving that child stars need not be doomed, Emma Watson used her ever-increasing presence to show that growing up doesn’t mean stifling one’s individuality. Through updated takes on classic favourites (a ˜50s inspired A-line dress worn with a leather bomber), Emma not only inspires her youthful fanbase, but older fans who want more than neutral staples. 


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