5 Ways to Show Him You Care

While some women are expecting the grand gestures from their men, they forget that he sometimes needs the same treatment back. While the history of romance has put the pressure on the men to do the courting, the modern women should contribute just as much to her man. By knowing your guy well, you can show him you care with these thoughtful gestures. Everybody needs to be loved; it is all about knowing how to love your somebody.

Give him a pick-me-up:
Your man has been coming home or calling you after work complaining about this and that for the past week now. His bills are piling up, his parents are pressuring him to go back to school, and his boss is on his case about the big project at work. Surprise him with his favourite home-cooked meal (or take-out from his fav restaurant if you are not cooking-inclined) and wait on him hand and foot for a night. Put the game on TV, a cold brew in his hand and give him a night of double deserts- the edible and naughty kinds! By giving him a night of relaxation and having everything be about him will show him that you are listening to his needs and finding your own unique way to make him feel more himself.

Fulfill his desire:
All guys have those secret fantasies that they won’t share openly with just anyone. So, take the reins and ask him what he wants. The fact that you are taking initiative to give him what he wants will make him more comfortable with you and happy that you care about his innermost desires.

Be specific:
Whether you are at the start of your relationship or three years in, compliments are always important. It is one thing to say your man is so sexy, or so handsome, it is another to be specific about what you love or find attractive about him. Tell him what really gets you going about his body or what you love about his personality. Give examples, be sincere and he will see you aren’t just looking at things on the surface. 

Back him up:
For a relationship to work and move forward you and your man have to be a team. So, that means when someone comes between you or you are faced with adversity, back your man up. Take his side, even if you don’t agree 100%. In the heat of the moment, your man’s testosterone is going to kick in and he will be in full primal mode. To be brought down by you disagreeing with him or not being on his side, will cause some major tension. It is ok to bring up your concerns after the fact, but support your man any way you can to show your loyalty first and foremost.

Remember the little things:
Grand gestures are great but remembering the day-to-day nuisances and little quirks about your guy will make the biggest impact. Preparing his coffee for him just the way he likes it in the morning, folding his laundry in that particular way he likes, and sitting at his favourite booth at your local bar are all things that will show him you pay attention to the details that are important to him. In turn, he will know that you feel he is important to you.


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