Pink Martini Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

When a fashion label combines one my favourite colour with the one of my favourite Friday evening drinks in their name, its no secret I will be present at their fall/winter 2013 collection preview. Fusing feminine style with vintage elements and described as a clothing line for “the downtown, yet down-to-earth city-girl”, Pink Martini is quickly establishing themselves as one of the top retailers in the city, Canada and Internationally. Find out what Founder and Creative Director, Amir Bahar, says about adding pops of color to your fall wardrobe and why great fashion lines don’t have to equal a big price tag in my 3-minute, 3-question interview.  

I see a lot of colour even though its fall. What inspired you to use bright colours, like pink, when you usually see usually darker tones in fall?

I used to do black all the time, but now navy is the new black! I found when you do trade shows and getting together with buyers, having everything in black becomes repetitive. For us to make a statement on the market, I’ve got to go with a colour palette that is trendy. I believe in colour. It makes it more exciting to showcase the pieces!

I’m seeing a lot of prints too. Are you a big print fan?

I’m a big print fan! We’ve been doing this for seven years. We sell all across from New York to L.A to Mexico to Japan.

The clothing is very affordable, but also very stylish – how do you do it?

There’s not much of that on the market! It's tough to keep it like that because some labels tend to get excited when they see things doing well and increase their prices and when they increase their prices I find that the formula of the whole collection gets taken away. I always want to make sure that my collection is the same because people want to be devoted to you and you have to be cool with the pricing.

Pink Martini Fall 2013

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