What He’s Thinking the First Time He Sees You Naked

What’s he thinking the first time he sees you naked? Well, if he’s like 99.9% of all guys in existence, he’s thinking wow. Women spend so much time worrying about their appearance “ their breasts, their thighs, their hips, and any other body part you can name “ that it is natural to have insecurities the first time your guy sees you naked. However, thanks to the way most men think, you can probably cross this concern right off your list. His first thought is not going to be, boy, she could stand to lose about six pounds. (You know sometimes you think that way!) Men love naked women, so as gorgeous as you are, why worry? Here’s what he’s probably thinking about.

That you look even better than he imagined you would.
Your clothes hide certain curves and other, um, attributes that he’ll be seeing for the first time. No matter how much a guy has imagined what you look like, the real you is sure to be even better, and he’ll appreciate that. Or –  

He’s trying not to act like a gleeful little boy. 
Many men will admit that no matter what their age, the first time they see a woman naked they start thinking things like, oh, boy, oh boy, or some other expression like that. Men love women and they love to see them naked. Add in the fact that he has been waiting to see you (whether it’s weeks, months or since dinner) and his emotions are magnified tenfold. In a wonderful way.  And probably –

He’s too busy worrying about his own body.
You know this is true “ he is worried about his hair, his abs, his gut, even his breath. Just like you, he has insecurities about being naked, and just like you, they are probably unfounded. He wants you to think he looks as great naked as you do. And –

He’s too busy worrying about his performance.
If this is the first time the two of you have had sex (unless you’ve been having sex with your clothes on?), your guy is worried about if he’ll last long enough, be long enough, be able to please you, etc., etc.  And the sight of your glorious naked body isn’t going to ease that worry for him. And –

He’s hoping you’ll provide some guidance.
Every woman is different, so no matter how experienced (or inexperienced) your guy is, he’s going to be hoping you’ll assist him in your, you know, experience! This ties in to the performance anxiety above; he may have thought about sex with you, but when he first sees you naked it becomes real. And he really wants to measure up (no pun intended.)

Of course, you’re assuming that, upon seeing you naked, he is capable of thinking at all.
My guess is, he’ll be very, very happy the first time he sees you in the nude. So relax and enjoy each other “ naked!

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