Best Positions for Solo Sex

We’ve spent the last few months teaching you all the best positions to get off with your guy¦but hey, we don’t always need a man. Am I right ladies? Here’s our picks for some of the most tried and true positions to get in a serious solo session.

Sexy Standing Shower

Take your morning rinse down to a whole new level by leaning up against the wall and utilizing your handheld showerhead. Place the powerful stream directly in the line of your clitoris and let the wet, warmness take you from clean to dirty in just minutes flat.

Backdoor Bullfrog

Laying on your stomach and bringing your legs up into a frog-like position, reach around behind to stimulate your anus with your hand and then, leveraging yourself on a shoulder, use your other hand to stimulate your clitoris. Feel free to use your pillow to muffle your screams.

Invisible Horse

You know how you straddle your guy and it’s call Cowgirl? Well don’t let the lack of a man keep you from riding your way to pleasure. Get something soft yet firm and place it betwee n your legs, grinding your way to your happiest place.

Mirror Magic

Strip off your knickers and sit with your back against your bed or a wall and then place a medium size mirror a few feet away so you can see all of you. Slowly and tantalizingly watch yourself bring yourself to the heights of ecstasy, you’ll be amazed at how incredibly sexy you can find yourself.

Man-Free Missionary

It’s the most honoured position for a reason “ whether you do it in a starfish, with your legs up in the air or with a vibrator on the go, there is not denying that getting off (even if it’s all on your own) is most often achieved just by lying on your back ladies.

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