Fall’s Freshest Haircuts

It’s seems that no matter how many years you put between yourself and your high school days, there’s something about that back-to-school feeling that’s hard to shake as September peeks around the corner. If you’ve got the urge to make your fall statement with a stunning new haircut, we’ve got the inside scoop on the latest trends.

According to celeb stylist Oscar Blandi, autumn’s hottest hair will be all about texture. He points to Scarlett’s latest cut as the perfect example “ it’s a slightly messier version of the classic bob, with loads of layers to lighten the look. So how do you score this cut?

Ask your stylist for long layers, says Blandi, But make sure they’re cut with a razor or texturized on the ends with a thinning shear to give it this unique edge. And if you’d like to keep the hair you’ve got, you can still jump on this trend. Just use dry shampoo and give pieces of your hair a gentle back-comb with a Mason Pearson brush.

This will separate the hair and rough it up to achieve a Bridget Bardot look, says Blandi.

Like the idea of changing up your hair for fall? Here are a few other new looks that caught our eye.

Drew Barrymore usually goes for a harder edge, but has recently added long, glam extensions to her mane (we wrote about Drew’s hair here). But the carefree flower child actress hasn’t done a complete 180 on us: we like that her take on long hair is more hippy than Barbie, with unstructured waves and a beachy, honey hue.

Emma Watson just swapped her schoolgirl shoulder-length hair for a surprisingly short crop (possibly to celebrate her graduation from Hogwarts?). Again, by keeping her natural sandy brown colour, her risky new look stays looking sweet.

Even famously gothic-looking Christina Ricci has taken the cue to go soft, by adopting a warm chestnut shade and chopping off her long strands in favour of a tousled, layered shag and side-swept bangs.

If you’re in love with your classic bob, you can still rough it up to give it a bit of an update. At the Fall 2010 Anna Sui show, model and perpetual trendsetter Agyness Deyn rocked a shorter version of the bob with a bowl-shaped fringe and slightly choppy ends.

Are you tempted to start the new season with a new ‘do?

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