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Every guy loves a striptease. It’s hard to mess up when you combine nakedness with music “ it will excite him, tease him and make him feel very, very lucky.

Alright, you don’t have Beyoncé©’s moves or her body, but it’s not that complicated: a striptease is essentially undressing. Do the thing you do every night before bed, just do it slowly and inject a little sass. Try this tips to make your striptease something to watch.

Choose the right music

Naturally this will depend on both of your tastes in music. Music to strip by can be fast or slow, as long as it has a groove you can move to.  Obviously if there’s a song both he and you love or find sexy, use that. It’s best to try a few songs out by yourself to see what works best.

Plan your outfit

Yes, it will all come off eventually, but wardrobe is essential. Since the goal is to tease as you strip, extras like a hat and long gloves will prolong the dance and extend the tease. A button down shirt is more tantalizing than a pullover and garter belts and heels are crucial. You want to play up your best features: highlight long legs with a seamed stocking, a wickedly curving waist with a sparkly belly chain, or your beautiful breasts with a gravity defying push-up bra.


Take the time to do your hair (sexy, messy and wild waves) and makeup (smoky, sultry eyes and a smudge-proof pucker) and, a few days beforehand, book yourself an appointment with your best waxer (we’re not talking eyebrows). Do everything you can to make yourself feel sexy and confident “ and you will be.


Go for soft, flattering lighting is romantic and relaxing “ start a fire, light some candles, or swap your regular bulbs with low wattage, subtly pink ones.


Study how the best move their bodies “ for classics try Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lives or Demi Moore in Striptease, or download a Beyoncé© or Rhianna video and dance along. You don’t need a fully choreographed routine “ the following basics will do just fine:

– Sway sexily to the music and move your hips from side to side

– Accent a certain body part by dragging a glove or your hand along it

– Remove one glove at a time, tugging at the fingers with your teeth

– Don’t forget about your facial expression “ smile, pout and have fun

– Remember to focus on the tease “ keep your movements slow and sultry

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