7 Touching Yourself Techniques That’ll Up Your Solo Game

Newsflash: Everyone masturbates, even if you’ve been in a relationship having great sex for like a bajillion happy years. And why not? No one knows your body better than you so you might as well take advantage of it¦ even if you have someone else to. So how do you up your solo game from O to OooOOoooO? With these seven simple touching yourself tricks.

Set the mood

Hey, just ˜cause you’re going at it solo doesn’t mean you can’t make it special. Make your bed, light some candles and put on some sexy tunes “ nothing can get you in the mood like truly setting the mood.

Dress for the occasion

Saving that lacy lingerie for someone special? Girl, there is no one more special than you. Busting out your sexy gear for your solo time will only lend to the atmosphere you’re creating and help you feel your most desirable.

Catch up on your reading

Sure porn is a great, quick fix for getting you revv’d up for a good solo session but trust us when we say that the build up that comes with written erotica is SO. MUCH. BETTER. Download After Dark, the adults-only version of the online storytelling platform Wattpad.

Don’t make it a one-handed job

When you’re having sex there are often, at any given time, about four hands touching and exploring your body¦ so why would you live the business up to one hand when you’re alone? Explore your breasts, your inner thighs, your hip bones or just run your fingers lightly up and down your stomach. Let the sensuality of them moment take you away.

Lick your tips

Tips. We said tips. And by that we mean fingertips. Not only is your saliva one of the best natural lubricants but there is also something weirdly and innately primal about sucking on your own fingers while thinking sexy thoughts.

Test out different positions

Ever wondered why sometimes it’s easier to get off in certain positions when you’re having sex? Because you know exactly the way to be touched in that position because it’s your go-to, Switch it up once and a while to learn what really feels the best for you in a variety of different positions.

Make use of inanimate objects

You’ll laugh at this one¦until you try it. Your electric toothbrush? Your favorite pillow? The shower head? These, my friend, may have been designed for you comfort but they are definitely there for your pleasure as well. Don’t fear it, embrace it.

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