How to Use Social Media in a Positive Way

Social media has seamlessly weaved itself into our everyday life. Some of us don’t go ten minutes without quickly checking in on Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter. For most, social media is a positive part of our lives. A place where we can share what we love with our friends and family. But, for many social media can be a negative space. Bullies troll the comment sections of our blogs, Instagram pages and YouTube videos. Some use to it to attack others publicly, rather than having a good old face-to-face interaction. So, how can we push out the negative and use our social media for good?

We spoke with Nike Master Trainer, Eva Redpath, whose social media presence is all about inspiring others. She gave us an insight into what makes her message a positive one and how social media has helped her build her own global brand.

29Secrets: How has working with Nike changed your social media game?

Eva Redpath: As a Nike Master Trainer I am a team of 13 North American trainers and 60 to 70 worldwide, so being part of the Nike Training Club gives me access to seeing my fellow colleagues and what they are doing. I was dialed into social media before, but now being part of this global network, it has become a major priority for me.


Do you feel social media has helped grow your personal brand?

Yes, I had a really unique opportunity to go to Mexico City for Nike Women’s Week. I got to use social media and follow the hashtag before I even got there. When I arrived I experienced something I never experienced before, girls were greeting me with hugs and kisses on the cheek because through social media we were already connected. Whatever Nike Training Club you go to around the world, you already feel like you are included. And now we are able to stay in touch with them through social media. I am building a community now, not just in Toronto, but in other places like Mexico City. It has opened up worldwide reach for me, which has always been my mission. I always felt I had a message to share, but I could only reach so far by myself. But, being a Nike Master Trainer has given me an international platform.

How important is it for people to share positive messages, like their workouts?

I think sharing socially is a huge accountability partner. If I feel like I am inspiring my little cousin who follows me, or my friend who just had a baby. That is the ultimate motivator for you to be held accountable and share your journey that may inspire others.

Do you think the Nike #betterforit movement has caused a groundswell?

People operate in a comfort zone and we are really good at doing things we can already do. #Betterforit is a call to action for everybody to set goals outside their comfort zone. That challenge has inspired people to go after things they might not normally do, and face fear. Soon as you realize that fear is an emotion you can overcome, then you’ll do it.

Eva Redpath

If someone is seeing their friends working out on social media, but is intimidated to start themselves, how do they overcome that?

The first step is to decide what it is you want to do, the second step is to create a plan and third step is to not do it alone. Things are easier when you have a buddy. It can be your best friend, co-worker or partner. Fear is just a story you tell yourself about why you can’t do it. So if you lay out the groundwork it will become less scary. And just take it one step at a time. Before you know it you’ll have gone after what you were once afraid of.

How have you dealt with negativity on social media?

I think that I really go after an authentic message which has helped keep me away from negativity. You can’t read that type of stuff. Remembering that sometimes what people don’t like in you, is what they don’t like in themselves. Keep in mind that it isn’t about you, it is about them. Go about your journey and surround yourself with a positive community. Focus on the cheerleaders and not the trolls.

How can we be more authentic online?

That is who I have chosen who I want to be in the world. I want to be a trusted source of inspiration. Be honest about your journey. Be who you are. Remember, you are never alone in your journey. Someone else is going to feel the same way. I love in my class when people say, I am not really feeling it today, but I am here. Part of me didn’t want to come to class, but I felt accountable, so here I am. And you see other women in the class nodding, relating to that.

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