What Not to do in Bed

They’re a dime a dozen: how-tos on what to do in bed, how to drive your man wild and how to drive yourself wild. But what about the things you shouldn’t do in bed? Read on to find out about the biggest bedroom faux-pas.

Don’t say things you don’t mean. It’s fine to murmur things in the heat of the moment as long as they add to the pleasure, but don’t choose this particular setting to declare your undying love.

Don’t answer your phone. Or text. Or update your Facebook status. Please.

Don’t just lie there. Caress, touch, tease, play. There are two of you in that bed and everyone wants an active, enthusiastic partner. The more you give, the more encouraged he’ll be, and only good things can come from that.

Don’t be quiet. Let him know what you like “ and what you don’t like, for that matter, but do it kindly. And don’t be afraid to express your pleasure without words “ he’ll love it.

Don’t talk about ex-lovers. Focus on your partner and enjoy him without judgment or making comparisons “ that’s just bad manners.

Don’t natter on about nothing. Sure, pillow talk is important, but this is not the time to gossip about the girl in the cubicle next to you and what you think of her nasty shoes. Unless, of course, he has a shoe fetish.

Don’t be distracted. Forget about your hair, your boss, and your bills. Live in the moment and be present with your partner. This is your chance to connect and lavish each other with affection “ there’s plenty of time to deal with all the details waiting outside your bedroom door.

Don’t fish for compliments or critique your own body. Slagging your big hips or pointing out an embarrassing mole will only draw his attention to something he may have never noticed. This is definitely not the hottest form of foreplay. He’s in your bed, so clearly he finds you beautiful and sexy. Who are you to say he’s wrong?

Don’t act like you are alone. Now is not the time to be selfish. Don’t just take what he’s giving “ return the favour. If you’re participating only to the extent that it enhances your own pleasure, you’re not trying hard enough. The more you give, the better it will be.

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