Relationship Hurdles and How to Get Over Them

Relationships can be tough. Sure, there’s the sunshine-and-rainbows period where all seems perfect and you can hardly imagine your good fortune in finding someone who compliments you so well. Eventually, sunny skies clear away and inevitable hurdles pop into the picture. We’ve identified the biggest challenges couples generally face, and strategies on how to get past them¦with flying colours.

Making Time
Experts say that the “glow” of a new relationship can last anywhere from six months to two years. And after that, other priorities compete for the time you once put aside for each other. So don’t wait for it to become an issue. Plan to set aside a set amount of time each week or every two weeks. Call it what you will “ date night or whatever “ but do something with just the two of you, leaving the kids and yes, friends behind this time around.

Work or life gets in the way despite the best of intentions and stress creeps up before you know it and you begin to wish your partner carried more of the load or chipped in here and there to make things a bit easier. Don’t let this fester, experts advise. Address this as soon as you feel this way. Allowing feelings of frustration or resentment to build up can be toxic and can lead to other issues down the road. So, if you need a bit of extra help here and there, ask for it without demanding it.

Loss of Interest
We all know that when a relationship is new, everything that person does or thinks is borderline remarkable, despite what your friends tell you. But eventually, that feeling can wear thin and you might find yourself wondering why that feeling may have changed. Take some time to rediscover each other and bring some more fun into your relationship. Relationships take effort every day and when you recognize that, make it a priority. You may discover something new about each other.


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