Two Men, One Day

We get it, you are a busy woman. You balance a career and your friends and your family and a super awesome social life and volunteering and yoga and cleaning and sleeping and eating and breathing. We get it. You. Are. BUSY. And sometimes, well, finding a man just comes down to crunch time. Sometimes you just have to go where no man wants to know you’ve gone before. Sometimes you just have to double down and double date. And no, we aren’t talking about hitting up the local bowling alley with your bestie and two handsome fellas. We’re talking about pulling the double-header. Two guys, one you, one day. And this is how you pull it off, my dear.

Stick with the newbies
Dating double duty is something that should always be limited to the first one or two dates with a guy. If some poor soul has managed to stay in your good books long enough to make it to date 3-4, he at least deserved to know that he is the only guy on your mind for a 24-hour period.

Scheduling is key
Don’t plan your dates as back-to-back events. The last thing you want is to have to rush off on a really stellar late afternoon date because you have plans for dinner. Both these guys deserve your full attention so schedule one for a brunch or early lunch date and the second for dinner or an evening drink.

Don’t compare
As hard as it is to do, if the first date was amazing, you still have to give guy number two a fair shot. He has no idea that his competition was sitting across the table from you just hours ago. Even if he is as boring as sin, at least try and act entertained until a proper exit cue pops up.

Keep it on the DL
No matter how bad your first date went, or how badly you are dreading the second, there is no need to tell the other guy that he wasn’t the only guy on your agenda for that day. In reality, unless one of these men eventually puts a ring on it, there is probably no reason for either one of them to EVER know you were playing double duty with them.

Keep it PG
Sure, a friendly hug, maybe even a little peck on the cheek, is OK¦but having a full blown make out session (or more) with one or both of these dudes is just wrong. So wrong. Don’t do it ladies.


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