Fall Date Ideas

Just like the sweet sunshine has us swooning for summer romance, every girl knows that the real time to “fall” in love, is the autumn. So bust out those chunky sweaters and adorably stylish boots and take your man out on some of tried-and-tested-and-perfected fall dates that will have the two of you cuddling through the cooler weather in no time!

Apple picking
Hands down, this is the best date for the fall. Whether you are a new couple or you’ve been together for a while, there is something insanely romantic about tossing on an autumn-chic outfit and hitting up the orchard with your man for a day of outdoor flirting and apple picking. Aim for late September to get the best weather for this kind of date and then, when the evening starts to cool down, take him home for a lesson in homemade apple pie baking!

Picnic in the park
Sure the weather might be a little more brisk and less predictable than that of the summer months, but there is one thing that autumn months have that the rest of the year can never compare to — outstanding natural scenery. As the leaves start to change and the fall colours begin to bloom, grab your guy and pack up a thermos filled with homemade soup (try using local and in-season veggies to make a hearty vegetable soup!) and a platter of yummy breads and cheeses and fruits for you both to share. And don’t forget the camera!

Tailgate party
Chances are that if you guy is a living, breathing member of the male species, he is probably into one or all of the following things — beer, food, and football. And sure, you might not be so inclined to spend your days chugging back MGD and gorging on massive slabs of meat, while watching grown men throw a ball back and forth, but we can guarantee you that sucking it up and taking your man to a tailgate party this fall with definitely win him over. And who knows, you just might find that you enjoy yourself.

Snuggle by the fire
Whether you head into the great outdoors or stick to the comfort of your living room fireplace, there is pretty much nothing quite as romantic as a snuggle by the fire with a handsome man. Take this as the perfect opportunity to create the romantic atmosphere you so desire by stocking up on things like cozy blankets, mugs of hot chocolate, and all the fixings for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores!

Go sippin’
If your looking for something a little more sophisticated to do during the autumn months, than consider taking your date on a wine tasting tour. Unknown to many, wine tastings aren’t just a spring/summer thing and some of the best tours and classes will run right through the fall! Check out your local wine guides to find the perfect drink-worthy date for you and your guy!

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