Are Vancouver’s Women the Pickiest in Canada?

Turns out, Vancouver's women aren't as laid back as their city's reputation might imply. At least, not when it comes to dating.

According to a survey conducted by New York based dating site, Vancouver's women are apparently not all that interested in most men in the online dating game. After examining over 40,000 interactions between straight men and women, the site found that women of the west coast were least likely to respond to men's online messages and flirting. The survey also revealed that Montreal and Ottawa are where the second and third pickiest women reside.

Incidentally, women in Vancouver have been ranked 6th most beautiful in the world by Travel MSN – so, maybe the choosiness is warranted. Still, top-ranked beauty or not, being picky when online dating isn't necessarily a bad thing. Executive Search Dating Paddi Rice doesn't think so, at least.

"There are more people in Vancouver online dating than anywhere in the world because one of the largest free sites, Plenty of Fish is based here," he says. "With a bigger pool, your odds of meeting a quality  person are less, so screening is essential."

Hear, hear. We've heard enough online-dating horror stories to advise that a top-quality screening is just plain smart. Why? Because, aside from trying to fish out a worthy partner from the pool of faceless pseudonyms, there's also the risk of finding yourself in a much-too-intimate scenario (bar stools 2 feet apart) with a total creepy Mc. Creeperson. Which can, for all you and I know, end up being seriously dangerous. 

The thorough screening is worth it, because you are. Keep it up, Vancouver. 

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